Caldera Defense to Release on Gear VR

Another videogame for Gear VR is on the way; Los Angeles-based developer FLARB has confirmed that its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible tower defence title, Caldera Defense, will be arriving on Samsung’s plaftorm. A demo for the experience was recently published on the Oculus VR Store that hosts all Gear VR compatible content.


Caldera Defense presents a mix of action and strategy videogames, with the player acting as a tower that must defend a rig harvesting alien energy against waves of both ground and air troops. The title is played from a first-person perspective, seemingly giving Caldera Defense a feel similar to nDreams’ recently released Gunner.

A specific release date or price for the title is yet to be revealed. will continue to follow the latest updates on the platform, reporting back with any further news.


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