YouVisit Adds Eatery Viewing App YouVisit Restraunts To Oculus Home

YouVisit Restaurants

We at reported the other day about a brand new app from YouVisit, YouVisit Colleges & Universities (sometimes referred to as YouVisit Universities) in which users could travel virtually with their Samsung Gear VR smart phone-based head-mounted display (HMD) to various campuses around the world and take in 360 degree photos of various facilities in action.

Whilst that app has now gone live on the Oculus Home store for Gear VR, a second app by YouVisit has also recently been released. Called YouVisit Restaurants, the free app operates in much the same way with the goal of taking users virtually to a number of restaurants around the world.

Currently the app only showcases eateries in the New York area; however YouVisit say future updates to the app will add more restaurants from a greater variety of locations.

YouVisit Restaurants will continue to bring you the latest updates on everything Samsung Gear VR realted.


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