VR Karts Comes To Mobile With VR Karts: Sprint

VR Karts: Sprint

Viewpoint Games are releasing their first product for the Samsung Gear VR smart phone-based head-mounted display (HMD), VR Karts: Sprint.

A spin-off of Viewpoint Games VR Karts for the Oculus Rift, VR Karts: Sprint will be somewhat different than its Oculus Rift sibling, with unique tracks optimised to the mobile design and game play modes ranging from single-player through to championship and online multiplayer modes. First person perspective is also utilised with the virtual reality (VR) version of the game.

A full product launch for both VR Karts and VR Karts: Sprint is hoped for later in 2015 with additional updates currently being added to the PC version on Steam Early Access, with both the HTC Vive and Project Morpheus versions also a possibility for the future.

GearVR.uk will bring you further updates on VR Karts Sprint as we get them.


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