Oculus Home Receives Branding Update

Gear VR S6

The Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) operates through an Android-exclusive application known as ‘Oculus Home’, and today this software has finally been updated with the latest Oculus VR branding. Nearly one month after its unveiling, the new logo is front and centre on the application icon.

Despite being dubbed Oculus Home by Oculus VR itself, the application still makes no reference to this title. Instead, it’s simply labelled ‘Gear VR’. The new branding appears on the application icon and the loading screen, though internally there appears to have been no changes made whatsoever. The application is updating automatically on all Samsung Note 4, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge devices that host it, as no new permissions are required from the user.

Oculus Logo

Additional payment options were recently added to the Oculus Home application, including the ability to remove existing credit card details. Little else has changed and it has been some weeks since new content has arrived in Oculus Home. GearVR.uk is hopeful that more videogame titles and experiences will launch soon, though it’s possible that most developers are now holding out for the ‘full consumer launch’ of the device later this year.


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