Samsung Says No To Exclusive Gear VR Videogames, Prioritises Milk VR

Whilst Indie videogame developers have been flocking to the device Samsung itself has been focused on its Milk VR content sharing platform featuring 360 degree video and looking to develop content and partnerships with organisations such as NBA and Skybound Entertainment. Unfortunately, whilst the Gear VR is getting plenty of exclusive content from developers thanks to the likes of Oculus VR’s recent Mobile VR Jam, those of you hoping for Samsung itself to put its weight behind some exclusive original videogame titles will remain disappointed. The focus on films over other entertainment content is not going to change any time soon – at least according to Samsung’s Director of Immersive Products, Jim Wilson.

“I would say that, you know, our primary focus right now hasn’t been games,” Wilson explained in a recent interview with GameCrate. “I mean we’re certainly excited about games and, again, it certainly broadens the overall entertainment appeal of Gear VR. So I’d say, at this time, there’s no plans for exclusive games for Gear VR just because we’re focused on sort of on our virtual reality concept service, Milk VR.”

For now, it appears that the platform will continue to rely on indie developers.

GearVR.UK will continue to follow the Gear VR closely, reporting back with any further updates on the kit’s progress.


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