Medicore’s Smash Hit Gets Gear VR Version

A number of standard mobile videogames have seen ports to virtual reality (VR) since the release of the Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) late last year. Joining that list today is Smash Hit from indie developer Mediocre. The title was originally released for both the iOS and Android operating systems (OSs), but has now found its way onto Samsung’s device.


Smash Hit challenges players with smashing objects in their path as they travel through another dimension. The title is ‘musically synchronized’, with obstacles moving in time to music tracks. Over 50 levels feature with ’11 different graphic styles’.

“Here at Mediocre we’ve been working on the Smash Hit VR version for quite a while now,” the developer explained in a blog announcing the title’s release on Gear VR, “and we are really excited about letting all of you get to play the game in fully immersive virtual reality. The premises of the game is the same as before; You travel through a surreal otherworldly dimension, moving in harmony with sound and music… while smashing everything in your path. But now with the added freedom provided by glorious virtual reality.” will continue to follow the latest releases for Gear VR, reporting back with the latest updates on them.


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