Cubes vs Spheres Launched by ShockPanda Games

Thanks to the release of the Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) and its popularity, well before the announcement of the consumer version, mobile developers have been porting their iOS and Android titles into virtual reality (VR). New to that roster is Cubes vs Spheres from developer ShockPanda Games.

Cubes vs Spheres has already seen releases on iOS and Android platforms, where it has received glowing reviews. In it’s stylized geometric world, Cubes vs. Spheres, has players defend against waves of advancing cubes in this 3D physics action game by throwing destructive spheres at them. Using 6 unique unlockable spheres, players can explode, freeze, squash and confuse the cubes, in an attempt to stop the cubes getting too close. Players can rack up chain reactions for big points and big explosions, being a true physics game, where every explosion has an equal and opposite explosion.

The videogame is available to download now for $2.99 USD, through Oculus Home, and will continue to report on all the latest releases for the Gear VR. as its consumer launch draws closer.

Cubes vs Spheres Cubes vs Spheres2


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