Esper 2 by Coatsink Software is Available Now


Today sees the launch of Coatsink Software’s follow up to the popular virtual reality (VR) title Esper. Esper 2 carries on from where its predessor left off with players reprising their role from the original game, becoming an agent of the enigmatic ESPR organisation. ESPR was set up to deal with the outbreak of telekinetic abilities among ‘special’ citizens and consequences of the event.


The videogame is a first person puzzle experience using the Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) to simulate giving a player telepathic powers. Using these abilities you are tasked with solving a number of trials, over multiple locations including ancient temples, government buildings, underwater bases. Characters in Esper 2 have been voiced by Nick Frost, Sean Pertwee, and Lara Pulver. Eric Meyers, who played the announcer from the first title, will also be returning.

Esper 2 is priced at $9.99 USD/£6.65 GBP and is available to download from the Oculus Store today. will continue to follow the latest VR news from Coatsink Software, reporting back any further announcements.


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