White Door Games Finished Development on Dreadhalls

Back in 2014 White Door Games announced its Samsung Gear VR title Dreadhalls. The videogame was one of the first to be announced for the device as well as being confirmed for Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). This week the first-person horror videogame developer had stated that development for the mobile version has come to an end.

The title has been submitted to Oculus VR for its final evaluation where it will be tested to determine whether it will be available via Oculus VR Store for the Gear VR. Currently the focus has been shifted from the Android edition to the Oculus Rift version. Due to hardware and software limitations, some features that aren’t making it into the Gear VR version will make it into the PC Oculus Rift version.

Dreadhalls puts players in the middle of a procedurally generated maze in which players will be pursued by monsters. The generated environments will change every time the user dies resulting in the need to change the way they approach the videogame. What initially started as a Game Jam has now become a much more complex experience, but is intended to retain the same ‘feel’ originally featured in the demo.

Recently made available is a new demo for Oculus Rift users on the PC which patches a lot of the issues with the second development kit (DK2). GearVR.uk will keep you updated on the progress of Dreadhalls.


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