Gear VR ‘expected’ to Hit Retail Stores Next Week

Today marked the launch of Samsung’s virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR, after a lot anticipation from VR enthusiasts. Yesterday saw the Gear VR demo pods being available to test in certain Samsung stores around the UK and today a representative of the Bradford Samsung store stated that it is ‘expecting stock next week’.

When the Gear VR released at approximately 11:00 am GMT today it was just 6 hours before all the devices sold out. Available to buy was the bundle which included the HMD as well as the gamepad for £199 GBP, the other featured the device on its own for £169. When stocks ran out checked the 9 UK stores and was informed to expect Gear VR’s to be shipped next week.

Samsung’s Gear VR is a smartphone-based VR HMD which uses the processing power of the Galaxy Note 4 to run all of its content as well as it’s enlarged QUAD HD display. Rumour suggests there will be a HMD which will run the company’s flagship phone the Galaxy S6 with positional tracking.

Currently the Gear VR is not available in retail stores, however Manchester has stated that ‘Samsung are gauging interests’. Other stores have offered demos of 360 videos, Oculus Cinema, Gunner and Temple Run. will keep you updated on all the latest news on Samsung’s Gear VR.


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