Gear VR UK Launch Line-up Revealed

Last week may have seen Samsung finally open orders for the Gear VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) in the UK, but it’s only now that those orders are actually starting to arrive to customers. Of course, many will be wondering what they will actually get to play with the kit when it arrives on their doorstep. With the first UK Gear VRs now in consumer’s hands, the line-up for the kit has been revealed. Content can be downloaded from the Oculus VR Store.

The line-up appears to be identical to the titles that are currently available on the US edition of the Gear VR. The Games section currently offers Ikarus, Dodge This, Minotaur Rescue, The Little Crane That Could, Vanguard V, Darknet, HeroBound: First Steps, Viral Lite, Dreadhalls, Gunner, Shooting Showdown, Temple Run VR, Esper, Protocol Zero, Bombsquad, Proton Pulse, Romans From Mars, Nighttime Terror, Playhead, VRtillery, Rocket Toss, James’ Legacy – Prologue, Lunasee, Anshar Wars. That’s some 24 titles to experience on day one.

In terms of Apps the store currently holds Oculus 360 Videos, VR Gallery, Oculus Cinema, Matterport VR, Oculus 360 Photos. Finally, Experiences include Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana, theBluVR, VR Introduction, Strangers with Patrick Watson, Titans of Space, Jaunt VR Paul McCartney, Gyeongju Museum, NextVR – Coldplay, Ocean Rift. Again, all of these experiences are already available on the US version of Gear VR, suggesting that the stores will see parity, although this is yet to be confirmed by Oculus VR itself.

Thanks goes out to Tammeka Games’ Sam Watts for providing with the line-up. So far Oculus VR has been providing the HMD with weekly updates in the US; hopefully this will continue going forward. Gear VR is of course still awaiting the arrival of its premium store option, with all the current content being free to download. will continue to follow the kit, reporting back with any further updates.


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