Divergent Gets New VR Experience- Insurgent: Shatter Reality

New virtual reality (VR) experiences aren’t anything new now that big film companies are dedicating resources to VR technology and research. Franchise tie-in VR experience puts users in the role of the Divergent members of society who are undergoing mental simulations to discover the extent of their ‘divergence’. Insurgent- Shattered Reality is based on the new Hollywood blockbuster Divergent.

Users will undergo a full 360 degree video featuring some of the films stars including Kate Winslet, Miles Teller and Mekhi Phifer. Developed by renowned VR pioneers Kite & Lightning with help from the VFX team from the film, the video will take people through several simulations. It implants users into two very different ‘fearscapes’ intended to frighten the player. The first is on top of a frightening crumbling skyscraper, and the second, a fast travelling locomotive.

On the 27th February 2015 the experience will be taken on tour starting off in Chicago then moving onto Austin and San Francisco. The title is to be available to download for Samsung’s video sharing platform Milk VR on the 1st March prior to the experience going live across all other platforms.

Nick DiCarlo, Vice President and General Manager, Immersive Products & Virtual Reality at Samsung talked about the experience: “As we push new boundaries in the world of technology and virtual reality, we are excited to continue our relationship with Lionsgate and bring Divergent fans a one-of-a-kind experience through Gear VR and Milk VR. This partnership will bring fans closer than ever to the action in this blockbuster series.”

GearVR.uk will keep you updated on the latest Gear VR content including additions to the Milk VR app, though the app isn’t available in the UK currently.


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